'Style-Driven, Spirit-lifting' Photography   
Spirit & Soul Photography specializes in Fashion Editorial photography
featuring tween girls
and Personal Brand photography for business women
My aim is to produce images that connect my client to their story
and a brand message that embraces confidence, authenticity and style.
Our Motto: 'Be Bold, Be You; Be Beautiful'

Are you a fashion conscious tween: we're looking for tween fashion bloggers!
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Tween fashion provided by California designers, 4loveandmoneyusa



My mission: 
is to support small businesses, in particular business women, to create a brand message that builds upon their story in an effort to produce images that reflect the same. But what is the connection between tween girls and business women, you ask? I think there are similarities. Having the courage to step into being a business woman is no easy task. At the beginning of your journey, at least, you feel awkward and out-of-place, but then if you keep going you may meet some incredible people along the way that understand your drive to be who you are! The same thing goes with tween girls. Being a tween girl (pre-teen) is an awkward age. You know you have your own style; it is quirky, and sometimes out-of-step from the big girls and definitely ahead of the 'little' kids. I offer photo shoots that are fashion forward and fun for girls, making their experience authentic! I want women and girls to own who they are! To find the courage to step into that image that says, YES, this is ME! And I'm owning it! Click for more inspiration!
"Fit into" your brand image!
Be authentic:Tips for telling your story! What does it mean to 'fit into' your image? What you wear isn't something to be taken lightly. It means being authentic. It means appealing to the spirit within you even when the crowd goes in another direction. Have you ever wanted to dress a certain way, but you were concerned about what your friends, and family would say. I don't mean dressing inappropriate, or showing too much skin. I simply am referring to the fact that intuitively you realize that your style doesn't follow the trend or the friends and family you hang out with. So what do most of us do? Read more.

Coloring Your Online Brand Image! 
I loved coloring as a kid, didn't you? As a child do you remember having your favorite crayon colors and using them to color your most favorite things. As adults, color is still important to our lifestyle. We use colors to decorate, to adorn and to gain the attention of others or stand out. And for business women, the use of colors is no less important. They help to give insight to who you are, what you are drawn to and the right colors and image helps you stand apart in a unique and powerful way. Colors can also attract certain types of clients for increase in your business. A lawyer, a fashion model, or an laborer may not only wear different types of clothes for their profession, but they also may wear certain colors. When establishing your online brand image to attract customers, you should be attuned to certain things as it relates to color.  First, consider the colors you are naturally drawn to. Always be authentic to self! What colors do you gravitate toward when you're shopping? Check out your closet, what are the predominate colors? You must also consider your client. Your client should be instrumental in establishing a particular look or style and color for your website, your blog and other online media. Can you identify some key characteristics of your client? Are they modern, up-to-date with today's fashions and trends or is your client in a conservative profession where any peek of color is frowned upon? As a business owner you should know this about your clients as it is important to attracting the right client and adding increase to business. How does color add to your brand image, your confidence and to the type of clients you wish to attract? Check back to read more on incorporating colors to support your brand, gain confidence and attract the right type of client for your business. Click here



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